Documentation of the NS Era at THM | Opening with symposium, guided tour and film evening | July 9, 2024, 4 p.m. | Open to the public

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TUM takes a critical look at its history during the NS era. The documentation is a call for tolerance and respect for liberal democratic values in science and society.

A place of remembrance and information will be established on the second floor of building 0502 at the corner of Arcisstraße and Gabelsbergerstraße on the main campus of the Technical University of Munich. Here we will commemorate the 17 members of the former Technical University of Munich (THM, now TUM) who were dismissed and persecuted by the Nazi regime, and we will provide information about the university's connections to the Nazi regime.

"It is more difficult to honor the memory of the nameless than that of the famous," wrote the Jewish philosopher and cultural critic Walter Benjamin (1892-1940). With this thought, we want to emphasize the importance of recognizing the suffering of all those who were persecuted by the Nazi regime. TUM's commemoration is therefore not limited to the 17 fates presented here, which are well documented due to their academic careers, but also includes many other persecuted people whose stories are less well known.

The opening of the documentation will take place in the context of a public event on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, from 16:00 to 18:00 in the Carl-von-Linde lecture hall. Afterwards, we invite you to a film evening in cooperation with the student initiative tu film - Filmclub an der Technischen Universität München e.V. The film "The White Rose" by Michael Verhoeven will be shown, which stands out for its historically accurate depiction of the events surrounding the Munich resistance group against the Nazi regime.

The event is open to all interested parties, including those from outside the university. We look forward to welcoming a large number of students, university staff, schoolchildren and members of the public.

The establishment of this central memorial is an initiative of the TUM Senior Excellence Faculty in cooperation with the TUM Center for Culture and Arts.

Admission is free and registration is not required.


Program of the opening on Tuesday, July 09 from 16:00 to approx. 18:00

Symposium | Tour of NS documentation | Film evening with "der tu film" (admission free)

Greetings: President Thomas F. Hofmann | Charlotte Knobloch | Elena Spatz
Lectures: Prof. Margit Szöllösi-Janze | Prof. Wilhelm Vossenkuhl | Prof. Winfried Nerdinger
Music: Prof. Felix Mayer


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We want to thank

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has actively supported us in the creation of this memorial. In particular, we would like to thank the staff of the TUM Archive, the TUM Architecture Museum, ZA4-Immobilien with its carpentry, electrical workshop and janitorial staff, the workshops of the Design Factory, as well as the Staatliches Bauamt München 2 and all other companies involved. Their dedicated support has made a significant contribution to the realization of this project. We would also like to thank the student initiative "der tu film", whose voluntary work makes our film evening possible.

It is a pleasure to see how everyone pulls together with enthusiasm and commitment and contributes to the success of our initiative.


Additional Information

Book | Die Technische Hochschule München im Nationalsozialismus

Editors: Wolfgang A. HerrmannWinfried Nerdinger

ISBN: 9783958840089
Publisher: TUM.University Press 
Publication Date: May 2018

Free digital version in preparation (expected July 2024)


Further activities of the TUM Emeriti of Excellence on the topic of National Socialism can be found on our page "Events & Initiatives" or under the following link: