Interviews with the TUM Emeriti of Excellence

From the TUM series "150 alumni stories"

On the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Technical University of Munich, the page "Alumni Celebrating Excellence" tells the stories of exciting alumni personalities. Some of the TUM Emeriti of Excellence also studied or did their doctorate at the TUM and are portrayed here (in alphabetical order).


TUM Emeritus of Excellence Gerhard Abstreiter

"I wanted to understand the universe"

Gerhard Abstreiter was the first in his family to attend high school and university. Today the TUM Alumni is a one of the leading researchers in Semiconductor Physics worldwide and has throughout his life been a pioneer. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Kurt Antreich

"I was one of the youngest and at the same time the boss"

As a child TUM Alumni Kurt Antreich had to flee from his Bohemian homelands. That he was able to gain his university-entrance diploma (Abitur) was not a matter of course. Later he conducted internationally renowned research on the field of Information Technology at TUM. [read more]

Software Expert and TUM Emeritus of Excellence Manfred Broy

"I want to implement digital technology in a socially responsible way"

Already in school maths came easy to TUM Alumni Manfred Broy and he enjoyed it a lot. He turned his fondness for formalisation into his profession and is now one of the most cited computer scientists worldwide. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Heiner Bubb

"This title bestowed on me by TUM fills me with pride."

Heiner Bubb is one of the most important researchers in the field of Vehicle Ergonomics. He has shaped generations of vehicles with his concepts for human-oriented machine design. This he would never have dreamed of when he was a student at TUM. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Wolfgang Domcke

"My life is governed by science and sports"

For Wolfgang Domcke no goal is too challenging, neither in the areas of Physics or Chemistry, nor in Sports. As an Emeritus he still conducts frontier research at TUM, unless he is out and about on his mountain bike. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Georg Färber

"The hurdles were pretty high"

Successful entrepreneur and internationally renowned scientist at the same time: Georg Färber mastered this challenge. In the role of TUM Emeritus of Excellence he is still a highly valued advisor to his Alma Mater. [read more]

TUM Emerita of Excellence Angelika Görg

"The entire world was my laboratory"

Originally, Angelika Görg only wanted to come to TUM for two years to do her PhD. She stayed all her life. As a pioneer in the research of Proteomics, she has received many awards and she found recognition worldwide. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Joachim Heinzl

"Some things work before you know why"

Joachim Heinzl originally wanted to become an architect. But he decided to study Mechanical Engineering at TUM. His groundbreaking research led to the worldwide introduction of inkjet printers. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Robert Huber

"I Went Inside the Molecules"

Professor Robert Huber, together with his colleague and former doctoral student Johann Deisenhofer and Harmut Michel, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988 for research into the three-dimensional structure of the reaction center of photosynthesis. This interview is a republication of the original interview with Professor Huber from October 2010[read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Manfred Kleber

"If you don't continue learning all the time, you're lost"

TUM Alumnus Manfred Kleber is a passionate physicist. Receiving an award was never what drove him. Researching and teaching in a circle of motivated colleagues has made him very happy. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Udo Lindemann

"Decision-making is something you learn in industry"

After gaining his PhD at TUM, Udo Lindemann worked in leading positions at the companies Renk and MAN. Go back to university? Only for the right professorial chair. And then the offer from TUM came. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Holger Magel

"I was lucky to be able to put my own theories into practice"

At school Holger Magel developed a liking for the sustainable design of villages and landscapes. Today the TUM Alumnus has gained a national and international reputation for his commitment in village renewal and rural development. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Franz Mayinger

"I had a lot of freedom in my research"

At TUM, Franz Mayinger received the education to become a specialist for Thermofluid Dynamics. As a highly esteemed expert for reactor design and safety, among other things, he was active in industry, research and as the chairman of the Federal Major Accidents Commission. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Winfried Nerdinger

"We must face up to our history"

Since 1988 Professor Winfried Nerdinger has repeatedly demanded that Munich also take a critical look at National Socialism. More than a quarter of a century later he opened the Documentation Center for the NS History as its founding director. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Winfried Petry

"I am now a Tue-Wed-Thu professor"

Whoever deals with neurons will come across his name: Winfried Petry. In October 2018 the alumnus and retired professor has been appointed TUM Emeritus of Excellence – a title that is honouring his lifetime achievements at TUM. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Karl-Heinz Schleifer

"Microorganisms awakened the researcher in me"

Staphylococcus schleiferi is a small living being, a bacterium. It owes its proud name to TUM alumnus Karl-Heinz Schleifer. But within an inch Staphylococcus schleiferi and some of its small friends may well have been named completely different. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Manfred Schuller

"We had to fly high up to avoid being shot at"

As Professor of Building History at TUM, Manfred Schuller directed major large-scale projects. His maxim of carrying out research through field work took the TUM alumnus to many different countries – among them sunny holiday resorts as well as dangerous war zones. [read more]

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Gerd Wegener

"Every tree counts"

For Gerd Wegener, two things have been particularly important in his life: the sustainable use of wood and the education of young people to become responsible architects of our future. To this day, the TUM Emeritus of Excellence is committed to both. [read more]