Michael Molls

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c.

TUM School of Medicine
Former professor and director of the Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology

born December 15, 1944


Scientific work

Michael Molls was a professor as well as the director of the clinic for radiotherapy and radiation oncology at TUM from 1992 to 2014. His further activities include serving as a member of the board of management and the board of directors at the university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar and head of the Tumorzentrum München of both Ludwig Maximilian University and TUM. He was particularly committed to quality in the processes, results and structure of interdisciplinary oncology. In 1976, Michael Molls was successful in cultivating in vitro mouse preimplantation embryos (stem cells). This method enabled the discovery of new developmental and radiobiological findings. He has, as co-spokesperson, been responsible for the biomedical sector of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Munich Center for Advanced Photonics “cluster of excellence” from 2010 to 2016. Michael Molls focused his clinical research on tumor hypoxia, imaging techniques for therapy planning, high-precision radiotherapy and the initiation of multicentric studies funded by the DFG and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Molls’ group produced internationally renowned work on stereotactic radiation therapy for brain tumors, the early stages of lung carcinomas and the post-therapeutic quality of life with breast and prostate cancer as well as for elderly patients. As president and head of the Akademie der Deutsche Gesellschaft für Radioonkologie, Michael Molls introduced guidelines for the treatment of cancer patients and a curriculum for the further development of specialists. He helped stimulate the integration of radiobiological and physical medicine research in radiation oncology. Michael Molls is the author of approximately 300 publications and editor of textbooks, monographs and series of books in English on radiation oncology. He supervised 14 professorial teaching qualification processes, and seven of his colleagues achieved professorial and directorship appointments in Germany and internationally.


Short biography

1965 - 1971 Study of medicine and licensing examination, University of Freiburg
1972 - 1974 Occupational medicine in Turkey (Istanbul) and former Yugoslavia
1974 - 1976 Assistant at the Institute of Pharmacology and doctorate on the basis of an experimental study, University of Freiburg
1976 - 1992 Assistant, consulting doctor and chief consultant at the Institute for Radiation Biology and at the Radiation Clinic at the Essen University Clinic. Postdoctoral lecture qualification and university instruction license (venia legendi) for embryology, radiation biology and radiation therapy
1992 - 2014 Professor and director of the Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology Clinic at university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar, TUM


Memberships and honors

Spokesperson for the TUM Emeriti of Excellence program (since 2015)

Member of the board of management for the "Centre of Advanced Laser Applications (CALA)" (since 2015)

Member of the academic advisory board for the ELI Beamlines Facility, Prague (Extreme Light Infrastructure, European Project) (2010-2016)

Member of the board of management (from 2006), co-spokesperson (2010-2016) and head of biomedicine for the German Research Foundation (DFG) "Munich Center for Advanced Photonics (MAP)" cluster of excellence

Co-spokesperson and head of biomedicine for the "Centre of Advanced Laser Applications (CALA)" (2010)

Head of the European radiation biology project CARDIORISK (EU 7th framework program),

Initiator and head of multicentric clinical studies for the DFG and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (until 2014)

Member of the Peer Review College of the Danish Council for Strategic Research, 2008

Member of the medical review board of the DFG (cancer research and medical technology),

President of the academy for advanced training and continuing education of the German Society for Radiooncology (DEGRO) 2004-2009

Member of the board of management (1999-2003) and of the board of directors (2003-2009) of university hospital Klinikum rechts der Isar, TUM

Head of the Tumour Center Munich (TZM) of LMU and TUM (2001-2003)

Member of the academic directorate of TUM’s research reactor (1996-2003)

President of DEGRO (1997-1999)

Member of the expert commissions of the German Council of Science and Humanities, DFG, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, federal and state ministries, and of advisory boards

Member of national and international academic societies



  • Hanns-Langendorff Prize (1979)
  • Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (since 1998)
  • President of the joint annual congress of the German and Austrian Societies of Radiation Oncology and the German Society for Medical Physics (DGMP) (2000)
  • Honorary award from Munich Tumour Center (2007)
  • Honorary member of the German and Austrian Societies of Radiation Oncology (2004, 2014)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg, Dresden (NCT) (2015)

You can download "Explanations of honors and awards" here [PDF]


Key publications

Vaidya JS, et al.: “Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy versus whole breast radiotherapy for breast cancer (TARGIT-A trial): an international, prospective, randomised, non-inferiority phase 3 trial”. Lancet. 2010; 376: 91-102. (Publikation unter Beteiligung der Gruppe Molls)

Zimmermann FB, Geinitz H, Schill S, Thamm R, Nieder C, Schratzenstaller U, Molls M: “Stereotactic hypofractionated radiotherapy in early stage I (T1-2 N0 M0) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)”. Acta Oncol. 2006; 45: 796-801.

Geinitz H, Zimmermann FB, Thamm R, Schumertl A, Busch R, Molls M: “3D conformal radiation therapy for prostate cancer in elderly patients”. Radiother Oncol. 2005; 76: 27-34.

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Molls M, Streffer C, van Beuningen D, Zamboglou N: “X-irradiation in G2-phase of 2-cell mouse embryos in vitro: cleavage, blastulation, cell kinetics and fetal development”. Radiation Research. 1982; 91: 219-234.