TUM Emeriti of Excellence Mentoring Program

Professionally outstanding, and incredibly active for decades in academic and business life – the TUM Emeriti of Excellence possess valuable informal knowledge and distinguished national and international networks in the fields of science and business! Professional expertise, international reputations and personal independence make them valuable advisors.

Interested? Applications are accepted year-round!

The TUM Emeriti of Excellence Mentoring Program – Take advantage of this opportunity!
As a scientist or scholar at TUM or a Member of TUM: At the Young Academy you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to engage with the knowledge and life experience these Emeriti of Excellence have and take advantage of it in planning and shaping your career.

How does the mentoring program benefit me? What are its goals?
Mentoring is a special form of encouraging young talents. The focus here is mentee development. There are multifaceted forms of support, tailored specifically to your wants and needs.

Forms of Support may include:

    • Career planning and discussing possible obstacles.
    • Providing extensive knowledge of organizations and processes.
    • Advice for initiating and managing a working group.
    • Network introductions, making contacts in the research and business worlds.
    • Advice when compiling research grant proposals.
    • Checking manuscripts for initial scientific publications.
    • Advice before appointment meetings.
    • Feedback meetings (comparing how you see yourself vs. how others see you) and much more.

How is the mentoring program structured?
As part of the TUM Emeriti of Excellence Mentoring Program, mentors and mentees work together over the course of a year in a one-to-one relationship. The aim is to learn from one another, exchange experiences and provide support. There are no set rules in terms of the content of any meetings or discussions. The time, place and purpose of meetings are set by mentorship partners themselves. If requested, mentorship partners may arrange to meet with other participants in the mentoring program. The TUM Emeriti of Excellence Office provides organizational support.