Harry Grundmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Former professor of structural mechanics
TUM School of Engineering and Design

born April 1, 1938



Harry Grundmann’s research was originally focused on the non-linear effects of statics and dynamics in buildings. He shifted his emphasis while working as group division leader of the Collaborative Research Center “Building Reliability” to examine the effects of randomly changing stress and the weight distributing properties of frames, later also within the computation of transference between the building and the ground as well as a moving load and the ground. Harry Grundmann wrote innovative works on the development of computational methods to record the tremors created by vehicles on the ground surface or in tunnels, to transfer them below the ground surface and to introduce and transfer them into buildings. Additionally, his work also included the evaluation and interpretation of oscillation measurements in existing buildings. For many years, he was active as a peer reviewer in various Collaborative Research Centers of the German Research Foundation (DFG) and for research focus groups in his field of work. Supporting student exchange with international universities is of particular importance to Harry Grundmann. He was instrumental in the successful creation of double diplomas between TUM and other European universities, and he was one of the founders of the Bavarian- French University Center. As a valued expert, he also remained active after his retirement as an adviser in the field of structural dynamics, particularly for assignments concerning oscillation protection in structural civil engineering. He has been a member of the executive board of the Hans-Rudolf-Stiftung since 2002.


Short biography

1957 – 1962 Studies in structural engineering, TH Hannover
1965 Doctorate in structural engineering, TH Hannover
1965 – 1970 Research associate, academic adviser, Department of Structural Engineering, Mapping
and Surveying, TUM
1970 – 1971 Engineer at Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG
1971 – 1974 Founder of the Department of Structural Mechanics, TUM
1974 – 2003 Professor in the newly created department of structural mechanics, TUM


Memberships and honors

Member of the Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM)

Member of the German Association for Computational Mechanics (GACM)

Member of the Scientific Council of the International Centre of Mechanical Science (CISM)

Member of the National Academic Reform Commission for Structural Engineering (1978-1979)

Chairperson of the CE/TH (Grandes Écoles/Technische Hochschulen), a presidential work group of the West German University Rectors’ Conference (1986-1996)

Vice President of TUM (1996-1997)

Co-founder of the Bavarian-French University Centre (1998)

President of the European Association of Structural Dynamics (EASD) (1999-2002)

Peer reviewer for the German Research Foundation’s Collaborative Research Centers and research focus groups (1985-2005)

Co-publisher of the journals Non-Linear Mechanics (1998-2008) and Archive of Applied Mechanics (1975-2008)

Member of the board of directors of the Hans-Rudolf-Foundation (2002 - terminated)



  • German Federal Cross of Merit (1995)
  • Officier de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (1999)
  • Triangle d’or of the ENPC (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées) (1999)
  • Honorary diploma from the Czech Mechanical Engineering Society (2003)
  • Senior Research Award from the European Association of Structural Dynamics (2008)

You can download "Explanations of honors and awards" here [PDF 215 KB]