Joachim Milberg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Dr.-Ing.

Former professor of mechanical engineering tools and business management
TUM School of Engineering and Design

born April 10, 1943



During his 12 years as a professor at TUM, Joachim Milberg established a strong foundation for the further development of computer integrated construction and production, thereby helping to enhance German industry’s competitiveness. By introducing industrial robots and manufacturing technology to TUM’s Institute for Machine Tools and Business Management (iwb), he was able to contribute an essential research emphasis to its work and expand the focus of its field of enquiry to today’s extent. While he was at TUM, the research center in Dornach was built in 1984, and the “münchner kolloquium” (Munich colloquium) and the initiative for a production-related user center in Augsburg were re-established in 1985. Joachim Milberg then joined BMW AG’s board of management in Munich and became its chair in 1999. Additionally, Joachim Milberg was on the board of directors of many national and international companies. He received great acclaim from the business sector for his success in raising productivity and quality in BMW’s factories to a very high standard, as well as for his successful solution to the problems with Rover and the reorganization of BMW. Joachim Milberg has been an honorary professor at TUM since 1998, and at the University of Duisburg-Essen since 2010. 

Short biography

1966 – 1969 Study of manufacturing, TU Berlin 
1971 Doctorate, TU Berlin
1972 – 1977 Manager, Gildemeister AG, Bielefeld
1978 – 1981 Head of the Automatic Lathe Division, Gildemeister AG
1981 – 1993 Professor of mechanical engineering tools and business management, TUM
1993 – 1999 Member of the board of management, BMW AG, Munich
1999 – 2002 Chair of the board of management, BMW AG, Munich
2002 – 2015 Member of the board of directors, BMW AG, Munich
2004 – 2015 Chair of the board of directors, BMW AG, Munich


Memberships and honors

Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Member of the board of administration as well as member of the Senate, Max Planck Society, Munich (2002-2008)

Founding president of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) (2002-2009)

Member of the Senat of the Helmholtz-Association, Berlin (2005 – 2008)

Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (since 2005)


Supervisory board mandates

Royal Dutch Shell, London / Rotterdam (2000 – 2003)

Allianz Versicherungs-AG, München (2001 – 2006)

Leipziger Messe GmbH (2003 – 2006)

MAN AG, München (stellv. Vorsitz) (2002 – 2007)

ZF Friedrichshafen (2008 – 2011)

SAP AG, Walldorf (2007- 2012)

BMW AG München (2002 – 2015, chairman since 2004)

John Deere & Company, Moline/Illinois, USA (since 2003)

Festo AG & Co. KG, Esslingen (2003 – 2014, chairman since 2011)

Bertelsmann AG, Gütersloh (since 2005, deputy chairman since 2011)



  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize from the German Research Foundation (DFG) (1989)
  • Fritz-Winter-Prize (1991)
  • German Federal Cross of Merit (1994)
  • Honorary doctorate from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (1994)
  • Honorary doctorate from the University of Hanover (1996)
  • Grashof-Denkmünze from the Association of German Engineers (VDI) (2000)
  • Bavarian Order of Merit (2001)
  • General Pierre Nicolau Award from the CIRP (International Academy for Production Engineering) (2001)
  • Honorary doctorate from the University of Cranfield, UK (2002)
  • Ernst-Blickle Award from the SEW-Eurodrive Foundation (2003)
  • Member of the Senate of Honor of the Foundation for Lindau Nobel Prize Winners meetings on Lake Constance (2003)
  • Honorary doctorate from the TU Berlin (2004)
  • Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Medal of the Scientific Society of Braunschweig (BWG) (2004)
  • Arthur-Burkhardt-Prize (2005)
  • Hanns Martin Schleyer-Prize (2009)
  • Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art (2010)
  • Inclusion in the Hall of Fame of German research (2011)
  • Georg-Schlesinger Prize from the state of Berlin (2012)
  • Bavarian State Medal for outstanding services to the Bavarian economy (1999)
  • Bavarian Environmental Medal for special contribution to environmental protection and the furtherance of the State of Bavaria

You can download "Explanations of honors and awards" here [PDF 215 KB]