Prof. Klaus Mainzer | Vortrag "Artificial Intelligence" | 05.05.2023

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Prof. Klaus Mainzer hielt am 05.05.23 im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe "Art meets Medicine" der European Academy of Sciences and Arts einen Vortrag über "Artificial Intelligence".

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Title: Artifical Intelligence – Challenge for Human Creativity?

The lecture will first show how the question of artificial intelligence and creativity has preoccupied people since antiquity in the history of art and literature, science, technology and philosophy. Then it will look at what we know today in the natural and cognitive sciences about the prerequisites of human intelligence and creativity. Finally, the foundations of today's artificial intelligence (AI) will be discussed. This will reveal the potential of today's AI technology, but also its differences and limitations compared to human intelligence and creativity in art, literature and science.

References: K. Mainzer, R. Kahle (2022), Grenzen der KI – theoretisch, praktisch, ethisch, Springer: Berlin (English translation i.p.); K. Mainzer (2019), Artificial Intelligence. When do machines take over? 2nd. Edition 2019 (Chinese translation 2022); K. Mainzer (1997), Gehirn, Computer, Komplexität, Springer: Berlin; K. Mainzer (1994), Computer – Neue Flügel des Geistes? De Gruyter: Berlin.