Prof. Jürgen Beckmann | Neue Buchveröffentlichung „Routledge Handbook Mental Health in Elite Sport“

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Das im April erschienene Buch „Routledge Handbook Mental Health in Elite Sport“ befasst sich mit der wichtigen und lange ignorierten Problematik psychischer Probleme im Leistungssport. Jürgen Beckmann und sein Team gehörten weltweit zu den ersten, die zu diesem Themengebiet geforscht haben.


Mental health is a rapidly increasing topic in the field of sport psychology. As the relevance of athletes’ mental health has come to prominence through emerging research, there is a high demand for evidence-based practice in order to promote athletes' mental health and prevent mental disorders as well as maladaptive syndromes. However, there is currently no comprehensive overview available that highlights the empirical evidence for the constructs of mental health, illustrating the latest developments in research, or that highlights implications for future science and practice.

The Routledge Handbook of Mental Health in Elite Sport delivers such an understanding and overview for this field, offering students, researchers, mental health professionals, applied sport psychologists, and coaches a state-of-the-art and insightful summary of science in the newly emerged field of clinical sport psychology and mental health in athletes.

This thorough volume covers major current and emerging topics on mental health and mental illness (e.g., depression), subclinical syndromes (e.g., burnout), as well as a comprehensive overview of research on prevention (e.g., green exercise) and treatment of mental health disorders in athletes and will be a vital resource for researchers, academics, and students in the fields of sport psychology, clinical psychology, sport coaching, sport sciences, health psychology, and physical activity and related disciplines.

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