Prof. Klaus Mainzer: Neues Buch über die Grundlagen der Mathematik, Informatik und Philosophie

Cover des Buches "Proof and Compution II", Bild: World Scientific
Cover des Buches "Proof and Compution II", Bild: World Scientific

K. Mainzer, P. Schuster, H. Schwichtenberg (Eds.):

Proof and Computation II.
From Proof Theory and Univalent Mathematics to Program Extraction and Verification

World Scientific Singapore 2021

This book is for graduate students and researchers, introducing modern foundational research in mathematics, computer science, and philosophy from an interdisciplinary point of view. Its scope includes proof theory, constructive mathematics and type theory, univalent mathematics and point-free approaches to topology, extraction of certified programs from proofs, automated proofs in the automotive industry, as well as the philosophical and historical background of proof theory. By filling the gap between (under-)graduate level textbooks and advanced research papers, the book gives a scholarly account of recent developments and emerging branches of the aforementioned fields.

ISBN: 978-981-123-647-1 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-981-123-649-5 (e-book)