The Program "TUM Emeriti of Excellence"

Since 2006, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been bestowing the honorary title of “TUM Emeriti of Excellence” on selected retired professors for their outstanding achievements and distinguished service to TUM. The advice of these retired academics is valued particularly highly on account of their personal autonomy, vast experience and outstanding reputation in the scientific community. They also underpin TUM’s diversity strategy – adding value by valuing all age groups as we transition to a more intergenerational university. [about the concept]

Honorary Title

“TUM Emeriti of Excellence” is an honorary title that is bestowed once a year. [read more]

The TUM Emeriti of Excellence

Here you can find the current TUM Emeriti of Excellence.

Part of the forward-looking concept “TUM. The Entrepreneurial University” under the 2006-2017 Excellence Initiative run by German’s federal and state governments.