The honorary title of TUM Emeritus of Excellence

The President awards retired professors with excellent track records and the potential to continue to enrich university life with the honorary title of TUM Emeriti of Excellence. These honorees remain actively engaged in university projects.

New honorees

New honorees are selected once a year, taking the following criteria into account: academic excellence in research and teaching, a commitment to the development of TUM, a strong public profile and an extensive network of contacts. A list of candidates is first examined by a committee and then submitted to the President for a decision. 

In recognition of their valuable service to the university, which is provided on a voluntary basis, the TUM Emeriti of Excellence receive the following: 

  • The honorary title of TUM Emeritus / Emerita of Excellence
  • TUM Emeriti spokesperson entitled to attend meetings of the extended TUM Board of Management 
  • An invitation to the TUM Emeriti of Excellence dinner (held three times a year) 
  • Resources and funds for research projects 
  • Travel costs and expenses for attending events such as international conventions 
  • General organizational support from the TUM Emeriti of Excellence office