Leveraging the experience that comes with age to support younger generations

Longer life expectancy is opening up new possibilities in the “golden years” – both for older people and society as a whole. Since 2006, TUM has been bestowing the honorary title of TUM Emeriti of Excellence on selected retired professors for their outstanding achievements and distinguished service to TUM. These key figures remain engaged in university life, supporting the development and consolidation of research facilities, mentor gifted undergraduate and doctoral students, offer expert, independent advice to the Board of Management on strategic issues and extend the university’s international reach through their global network of contacts. TUM recognizes the potential of older former academics, with their vast experience in science and research, extensive national and international industry networks and their personal autonomy and reputation. This program has a flexible structure so TUM can capitalize on these assets without placing younger academics at a disadvantage. By taking responsibility for various initiatives and programs, the TUM Emeriti of Excellence help to support young scientists and ease the workload of younger professors. The latter in particular are under rising pressure to meet growing international competition, while balancing family and professional commitments. With its TUM Emeriti of Excellence program, TUM aims to foster greater solidarity across generations.

The TUM Emeriti of Excellence program has been funded since 2006 by the Excellence Initiative run by Germany’s federal and state governments and is part of TUM’s forward-looking strategy “TUM. The Entrepreneurial University”.