Mentoring in cooperation with TUM: Junge Akademie

In their first year of the TUM: Junge Akademie program, members focus on developing and executing project work, with practical and personal support from mentors and tutors.

The following student groups have received support from TUM Emeriti of Excellence:


  • Mobility of the future – Prof. Peter Latz
  • foodtomorrow – Prof. Peter Wilderer


  • openTUM – Prof. Peter Wilderer


  • wachsTUM – Prof. Paul Gerhardt


  • Regional produce at the local supermarket – Prof. Paul Gerhardt
  • Project guidelines – Prof. Manfred Kleber
  • Genetic engineering information portal – Prof. Friedrich Pfeiffer
  • Responsible management of water resources – Prof. Peter Wilderer
  • Biocompatible packaging – Prof. Bertol
  • d Hock


  • Mobility in the city – Prof. Georg Färber
  • A water seal for a sustainable flow of water – Prof. Peter Wilderer
  • One-minute science – Prof. Manfred Kleber
  • Communal self-sufficiency – Prof. Erich Sackmann
  • The future of healthcare in Germany – Prof. Paul Gerhardt
  • Concepts to aid development work – Prof. Harry Grundmann