Engagement of TUM Emeriti of Excellence at TUM

Membership of TUM boards:

Membership of TUM committees:

Support for young scientists:

  • Mentoring of TUM Junior Fellows
  • Advising young scientists on applying for external funds 
  • Supporting assistant professors in the TUM Faculty Tenure Track process

Reinforcing the university’s international profile:

  • Expanding and strengthening international networks 
  • Representing TUM at international trade fairs, conferences and conventions

Special roles:

  • TUM ombudsperson: Read the interview with Prof. Georg Färber and Dr. Eva Sandmann discussing the importance of trust (download PDF; German only) 
  • Research as a TUM IAS Carl von Linde Senior Fellow 
  • Fundraising 
  • Forum on interface between the university and industry (chaired by Prof. Färber)