Engagement of TUM Emeriti of Excellence



As independent and trusted advisors, the TUM Emeriti of Excellence play a valuable role in all areas of university life – as organizers, coordinators and representatives. The President of the university consults with them regularly on specific development topics. They are members or reporting members of appointment committees, help set up and consolidate new facilities and act as mentors to undergraduate and doctoral students. [more]

Working groups

As the tasks involved in managing a university become more diverse, decision-makers have a growing need for trusted, experienced advisors. The TUM Emeriti of Excellence form interdisciplinary working groups to discuss important topics related to the university and science, and submit recommendations to the TUM Board of Management. The proposals are examined in the President’s future strategy committee. [more]


The innovative and performance capabilities of a knowledge society depend to a large extent on how universities nurture talent through an intergenerational culture. Success lies in striking the right balance, combining the experience of older people with the latest insights of younger generations to create a cohesive whole. [more]